Concept & screenplay by
Ryan William Harris & Simone Gambelli

Director’s notes:

We believe that putting ourselves into this collective “Apnoea” is a movement that not only takes the viewer’s breath away, but is moreover indispensable when one’s fantasies take shape in the space he lives in.

The staging of the unreal was mainly inspired by 41zero42’s products. Highlighting their own characteristics and transforming them into living spaces.

Mood and atmosphere on the other hand take their cue from two works in particular: 1) Martin Parr – Hotel Carlton Beach Club, Lady with sunglasses, 2019 and 2) Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, 2001. Martin Parr for unusual faces and Gregory Crewdson for the relationship between water, environment and the character who lives there.

So we felt a mix of visual languages was needed; the perfect machine movement, at an almost suspended level of perception, which is pushed / attracted by the character who owns his space, and the use of the VHS with its very spontaneous and smeared movements to give it the right broody depth. A personal glimpse that examines intimate details of he who builds his own world.

We treated this unreal as a parallel universe.

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