Project by DWA Design Studio
Animations by Karmachina
Sound design by Alberto Modignani

We use to live our regular space as if it’s supposed to be static, and true to its status but, of course it’s not. To look at it at different times, with different lights, really means a change of scenery. With Area41 we, at DWA, do cast an unusual spell to this regular space of ours, by shifting it to the level of ravishing imagination. Area41 overturns expected uses, and invents new ones, altering the plot like in a multilayered dope story, portrayed from dusk to dawn. In developing this artifice, we tried to focus on the objects around, letting the frame shape itself, in a very arbitrary way, instinct pure, half real half surreal. As a result, pages of freehand sketches, depictions of landscapes, and collages of “non-places” were born. And for each page a story, which narrates one after another, and so forth, only to start it all over again. At least three times, you shall read it, discovering numbers, dots and geometries: the first time you’ll look for numbers; the second one for the scenes; and the third time for living the world of 41zero42. In this personal ‘After Hours’ there is no defined timeline, nor are the spaces characterized by their use, but rather, by their expressive invitation. The creative process we have developed, introduces a new standard of the product, spots it in a deeper dimension, between the symbolic and the tangible, and leaves a far wider room to various references. Our approach lets whoever, aiming to move through personal and stimulating coordinates, take off, and helps them landing on the solid surface of Area41.

Alberto Artesani, Frederik De Wachter – DWA Design Studio

DWA Design Studio – Frederik De Wachter, Alberto Artesani

DWA was founded in Milan in 2005 by Alberto Artesani and Frederik De Wachter. Our work developed through a continuous dialogue between different sensitivities and shared interests, research, rigor and inspiration, complying the creative process to the many ways of living.
We dialogue across-the-board with the world of design, fashion and living, ranging from interior to exhibition design, from retail to art direction to product research.
We design private and public spaces in which to live, relax and share. From large to small, from the container to the content, we give identity to our projects from concept to completion, turning them into creative solutions in accord with our customers’ needs.
DWA design Studio has worked for Wallpaper* Magazine, Elle Decor Italia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rimowa, Atelier Swarovski, Room Mate Hotels, Arpa, Ermenegildo Zegna Group and other leaders in the world of design, lifestyle and fashion.

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